This was a question asked by Katelyn:

Hi Floria! Lately I am feeling lonely and missing someone in my life who was special to me. I want to know what you and the fairies think about the importance that love and romantic relationships play in our life and why some relationships don't work out the way you want them to!

This is my response:

Oh Dearest Katelyn,

All romantic relationships work out because you learn more about yourself than through simple contemplation.  It is important to remember that while romantic love's may not work out the way we planned, or hoped, perhaps that is exactly the answer we're all looking for: Stop planning, start living.  We cannot know everything for every moment, and sometimes we believe that that means we need to plan for everything we do not know or cannot see.  Sometimes this is helpful, but when it comes to love, it's all about singing what your heart feels, and nothing to do with planning what you think your heart wants.  Living in the moment by letting your heart feel (the good and the bad), and letting your heart spring forth and be and do what it wants to be and do, will be your key to being and doing exactly what is needed every moment.  If you can let you, be you, and know that who you are is beautiful, imperfections and all, you will be able to open your heart to the right people.  No one is perfect, but everyone can love.  Love yourself, and then share that love with others.  No matter what happens, you will learn a little more about yourself and what you want out of love and life.  Each new connection made, or connection lost brings you one step closer to the best things possible.  Knowing in your heart that you are you, and there will always be plenty of love for you, is the best way to feel the love inside of you, and to see it in everyone else, and everywhere you go.

Love is the only thing that everyone understands (in their own way).  We are all looking for love, fro many different people, and we are all (most importantly), looking for love from ourselves.  When ever you miss someone, do not miss what could have been, what should have been, or what was, or what is ... be happy for the opportunity to share a loving experience with someone who now shares a part of you in their heart.  They will carry you in their heart for the rest of their life, and love will always be there.  Even if there was a time when love was not very clear, if you let it, love can be the only thing that you keep with you in your heart.  To be human is to love, laugh, live, make mistakes, and try again.  In our triumphs we learn to love and laugh, in are downfalls, we learn to live; and so we try again.  Love, laugh, and most of all LIVE!  Be you, be love, and be everything you are, and you will find that love is always around every corner.  We are love, and we are always here for you.  Call out my name, and I will give you love, unconditionally, always.

Blessings, Love, and Light, always yours,

Floria [About Me]

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