Hi every body!

This week, our silly human wants to post about how to meet and hear us, and she didn't even ask us if that was okay.  How rude!  Don't be like her.  She's so rude!  Okay, now that we made her feel a little guilty (okay, fine, a lot guilty), and she apologized, we can cut right to the chase, and show you how to hear us!  Once you've mastered this, seeing us will follow.

Also, this will work not only to meet us, and your faerie friends (your guides), you can also meet other faeries this way, and even your spirit, angel, and animal guides.  You name it!  So here we go!  Find a nice, comfortable place to hang your socks, and let your feet stink up the room as you get nice and comfortable (That's so other people won't dare enter the room and disturb you!)!

Much Love!  See you soon!

The Faeries

Meet Your Faerie Guides Meditation

1) Cleanse yourself. ¹
2) Cleanse the room.²
3) Fill the room with a spiritual ball of white light. ³
4) Call your Faerie guide(s) to you. Say something along the lines of: I call my Faerie guides to me.
5) Say: Please touch me. It does not matter at this point where they touch you; they are just acknowledging their presence.
6) Now, ask how many of them there are. Start by saying: Is there at least one of you? When you feel a sensation in any part of your body, you can move on and say: Are there at least two of you? If you feel a sensation move on and say: Are there at least three of you…and so on and so on. The sensation will be very slight; however, you will feel it! Record you findings.
I have ____ Faerie guide(s).
7) Now ask: Number one, please touch me. What ever you feel, and where ever you feel it, you MUST record it! This is like their signature. It tells you who exactly they are. You do not want a wandering spirit to claim to be your Faerie guide and tell you only what you want to hear! Then continue with: Number two please touch me…etc.
8) Now say: Please tell me hello. If you hear something, you are one of the very lucky ones! At first you might not hear very much, and you may only hear your voice in your head like you are talking to yourself and it will probably be very faint and you might not make many, if any, words out. Just keep trying! Record your findings.
9) Now continue with saying: Please give me a ‘yes’ answer. Most commonly, they will nod your head in a “yes” position. Because of this, you should sit up straight and cross legged. If you would like, you may tell your Faerie guide(s) how to respond to this question, such as how you want them to say hello i.e. tickle your arm, nod your head, etc. Record your findings!
10) Now you may continue by saying: Please give me a ‘no’ answer. Most commonly, they will shake your head lightly in a “no” position. Sometimes, you may feel a different sensation. And again, if you would like, you may tell your Faerie guide(s) how to respond to this question. Record your findings!
11) Now, you may practise asking VERY SPECIFIC questions. For example, if you ask is the door open, and the answer is no, and your bedroom door is open, the answer would be wrong, right? No! Is the front door open to your house? No…Exactly! So the answer was technically right, you just were not specific enough so your Faerie guide(s) did not understand. After a while, they may be lenient with you, once they think you have learned to be specific. Record your findings.

This chart may help as well...

Am I a human being?
Do I have brown hair on my head?
Am I wearing jewelry?
Do I own a blue v-neck sweater?
Is my blue v-neck sweater in my top left white dresser drawer?


1. Close your eyes. Imagine a ball of white, positive energy in front of you. Then, imagine the energy ball, or spiritual white light, immediately rushing toward you faster than the speed of light and entering your body. Imagine all the negativity (which can be seen as black waves or smoke), being gathered up by the ball of energy. Imagine the light going through all parts of your body. Next imagine the energy ball exiting your body through your open mouth when you exhale, for example, or any other way you feel most comfortable with. Now imagine the energy ball become black from all the negativity. Imagine the ball shoot down into the ground (Earth and soil), getting rid of and depositing the negativity into the Earth so Mother nature can reuse it and become positive energy. Imagine it again in front of yourself, then coming at you again, however, this time, forming a white ball around yourself. Imagine the ball in-casing your body, then imagine it disappear in sparks or sparkles of light, or what ever you prefer. Open your eyes; the cleansing has been completed. Be sure to do this before and after you meet your Faerie guides.

2. Cleansing a room is much like cleansing yourself. The only difference is instead of the ball of positive energy entering, cleansing, and exiting your body, the energy just circles around the room, picking up all the negative energies. Also, instead of the energy ball shooting at you, it shoots at the room. Otherwise, it is still the same process (See definition no. one).

3. Filling a room with a spiritual white light is simply a matter of closing your eyes, and imagining the energy ball of positive white light in front of you, AND/OR, imagine the energy ball bursting, filling the whole in tire room with the positive energy and light. Without loosing the image in your mind, open your eyes.

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    Maggie Esch said...

    I did everything as told, but no matter how much I wait or ask, at step 5 I just get no touch or no feeling of them being present at all...
    I guess I don't have any faerie guides and the faeries actually DO hate me...

  1. ... on 19 June 2012 23:40  
  2. The Faeries said...

    Dearie, this all takes practise, and lots of it. It is very, very rare for anyone to get this on the first try. Just keep at it, and soon you'll see more success. You must be sure that you are relaxed and open minded. You need to set your fears and doubts aside as much as possible during this exercise, and just try it without judgement. We don't hate you, and we know you're frustrated, so we're not upset. Just take deep breaths and try to relax and be at peace. Things will go a lot smoother then.

    Us Faeries

  3. ... on 20 June 2012 00:12  
  4. steff1234 said...

    hi i tried to leave a note for a fairy but they didnt write back but that night i had a dream like a picture of a fairy. I kind off want to meet a flower fairy I heard there nicest i dont know. How do they hide in such small flowers?
    I would meet them straight up but i kindoff want to start with letters and then meet. i heard they write back but they didnt to me.
    What did i do wrong? How shoukd I write a letter only for good fairies. I m a teen and want to meet a little infant one or a beautiful teenage one a girl.
    Please write back. Also answer all my questions. thankyou

  5. ... on 30 July 2012 07:46  
  6. The Faeries said...

    If you have asked us faeries a question through this bloggty-blug and have not received anything back yet, it is because our answer did not go through ... maybe you gave us the wrong e-mail, or typed one letter wrong ... for some reason, it did not send, so please resend your question to us and make extra sure all the stuff you punch in is correct. We want you to receive our messages! We do! Just sometimes these techy things just don't work :( So please try again!

    Much Love,
    The Faeries

  7. ... on 30 July 2012 10:03  
  8. steff1234 said...

    its not what i meant?
    I meant for real i tried leaving a note for a fairy outside?
    I heard of the land of fae, i want to go but i heard its dangerous or something and you need a guide. What should I do?
    should i follow this guide make a fairy friend and it can take me there.

  9. ... on 30 July 2012 10:20  
  10. The Faeries said...


    When you talk to us, or write us letters, we don't always respond in like. When we respond, depending on what you wrote, we respond in other ways, such as showing you we're listening. Many people call them signs. The weather may suddenly change, you may notice a pretty leaf blow your way, or other unique things. It's important to be open to receiving these signs, no matter which way they may come. But they will come as long as you are attentive enough to catch them!

    Also, travelling to other worlds such as our home is not inherently dangerous. That is to say, the Faerielands are not dangerous themselves, it's just that you're opening a whole new world where other stuff you don't want might leak through. All you need to do is to ask your guides, your angels (who are only here to help you), to protect you on your journey. Then you can go and have fun! It also helps to have a guide when you go just because they will help you see clearly, what you're meant to see, and help you to receive the messages you're meant to receive. That's all. Your guide can be anyone you trust. Just see them beside you in your mind, and journey together. :)

    The Faeries

  11. ... on 30 July 2012 10:37  
  12. steff1234 said...

    thank you fearies that really helped. so how do you travel to the land of fae. or fairyland?

  13. ... on 30 July 2012 12:13  
  14. steff1234 said...

    sorry forgot to tell you that i left them shiny rocks and piece of copper and they didnt take it. i heard they like stuff like that.

  15. ... on 30 July 2012 12:16  
  16. The Faeries said...

    To travel to our main home, we have a post on that! It's here:

    1. http://www.askfaeries.com/2012/02/into-faerielands.html

    2. http://www.askfaeries.com/2012/02/into-faerielands-part-2.html

    And we do take gifts like that, just not their physical form, at least. We take their essence/energy when it's offered to us. We only do this to gifts that are objects, not you humans or anything. For example, if you give us a piece of toast with honey on it, you'll notice after a little bit that all the taste is gone, or very diminished -- because we took it! :O While the physical toast is still on your table, the flavour, however, it's taste essence, isn't.

    The Faeries!

  17. ... on 30 July 2012 17:00  
  18. steff1234 said...

    kk that makes sense. thanks guys or fairies

  19. ... on 30 July 2012 19:34  
  20. steff1234 said...

    is it true that there are fairies that would sacrafice a human to hell for immortality?

  21. ... on 31 July 2012 09:42  
  22. steff1234 said...

    Is it bad to summon a fairy. Can it be bad like can bad fairies come. Should i do the one that saids put a fairies name,sex, power and then draw it And color it. then i say a chant or something. Should i do this. and how can i keep the bad fairies away

  23. ... on 1 August 2012 07:47  
  24. The Faeries said...

    Firstly, to answer your question about "what [you're] doing wrong", nothing. If you're having troubles connecting with us faeries, and feel you're doing everything right, but still nothing ... Consider what we wrote on Facebookety:

    "Fear. Somewhere deep down in there, or maybe even closer, you're scared for one reason or another. Are you scared you can't do it? Are you scared that we don't want to talk to you? What are you scared of? Let yourself know that you thank yourself for trying to protect you from getting hurt, but then ask that part of you to gracefully step aside to allow yourself to just *try*. To try and see what happens without judgement, and without expectation."

    And to your other questions, we do NOT under any circumstances sacrifice any life human or otherwise to gain immortality. That is false. We already have immortality if we want it, so why would we need double? It just isn't necessary, so no, it's not true.

    The way you described to summon us is completely unnecessary, and not the best way to connect with us. If you are looking to summon us, you are forcing us to come to you against our free will. That's not very fair is it? Regardless, we won't come that way. It's not very nice and we won't have any of it. How about trying to ask nicely instead? We'll come then.

    The truth is, we're all around you, always. If you're not sensing us, hearing us, or seeing us, it has more to do with you than it does with us. If you believe you're perfectly intuitive because you see everything else except us, then fear is holding you back. If you can't honestly say that you are fully intuitive, then it's both. Hopefully that helps you out.

    Next time, please ask us questions through out "Ask us a questions" page here:


    It's just that we have many of you asking questions, and it's not fair if we answer yours first when you asked last. So please ask us a question there from now on, ok? We would very much appreciate it!

    Much Love,
    The Faeries

  25. ... on 1 August 2012 12:00  
  26. steff1234 said...

    ok sorry :)

  27. ... on 1 August 2012 13:22  
  28. Amethyst Fryer said...

    I got this on the first try. Am I doing something wrong? It seemed too easy... :/

  29. ... on 22 September 2012 13:19  
  30. Gingerfrost said...

    I'm gonna try tonight, i never tried by the way.. To be honest i never really believed before. but since i saw Jenni on youtube, and this blog i've been inspired and realized i was foolish in a way. i hope you faeries can forgive me.... i'm sorry..

  31. ... on 1 December 2012 15:45  
  32. precious said...

    Has anyone else seen a fairy besides the human that types for the faeries?

  33. ... on 1 December 2012 18:47  
  34. Anonymous said...

    Lately, I see them but not fully their in another realm I see tiny light appearing and disappearing like energy. Everywhere in my room and especially when I'm alone and outside

  35. ... on 14 December 2012 23:05  
  36. The Faeries said...

    @precious, yes, many people have and do see us faeries; mostly just in different ways.

    @Gingerfrost, there's nothing to forgive.

    @Anonymous, awesome! Good on you! C:

  37. ... on 7 January 2013 12:36  
  38. Brianna said...

    Hello Faeries!! I wanted to find out... I have been trying the technique a few times now.... will this help you GET a faerie guide? And also, what should it look like when you visualize this in your head, when I visualize the "Cleansing" scene, it seems like, the picture in my head is "far away" you could say.... is this something I am doing wrong? Thank you so much for doing this... I love faeries!! <3

  39. ... on 15 January 2013 19:28  
  40. The Faeries said...

    @Brianna: You already have at least one faerie guide, so there is nothing to "get". As for the visualizing, just practice, that's all.

  41. ... on 15 January 2013 19:59  
  42. Brianna said...

    Oh okay... I didn't mean "get" though, I published it and looked at it afterward & thought how rude that must sound... sorry bout' that. Thank you!

  43. ... on 15 January 2013 20:09  
  44. Anonymous said...

    Hi Faeries,
    I have always wished to see a fairy since I was 3.I am 9 now but I have never seen a fairy for 6 years now.Please can you tell me how to see or meet a fairy in my garden??

  45. ... on 19 January 2013 21:35  
  46. Anonymous said...

    Ok so faeries me and my friend gave you shiny pennies and the next day they were gone I think the faeries took it and I am happy this helped alot to I have 4 faerie guides I am pretty sure. Do faeries like copper please answer back. (:

  47. ... on 21 January 2013 16:51  
  48. Anonymous said...

    I always have believed in faeries (though I called them fairies, is that wrong?) but what if you imagine a faerie but the actual faerie looks waaaaayyyy different, does that mean you don't believe in faeries or you are doing something wrong? Do I have a faerie guide? How d I know what the name of the faerie guide is?

  49. ... on 4 February 2013 11:14  
  50. Anonymous said...

    I have always believed in faeries (would the faeries mind if I called them fairies?) but what if you imagine them one thing, but the faerie looks way different. Am I doing something wrong? Do I have a faerie guide? And if I do, what is the faerie's name, or multiple faerie's names? Do changelings exists (human babies are taken by faeries and replaced by a faerie baby that was born sick or ugly)?

  51. ... on 4 February 2013 11:31  
  52. Anonymous said...

    I have a faerie friend. her name is Daisy. I have not met her and have not seen her. I want to meet her. can you help me or guide me.? I dnt want to scare or put her into any kind of trouble but just want to be able to see her at least once.

  53. ... on 14 February 2013 08:29  
  54. chels said...

    I am worried in case i meet a spirit guide i really do not want to meet, could this happen?

  55. ... on 17 February 2013 07:59  
  56. kaela said...

    i wonder if i could see a fairy i hope that
    will happen i have been going on every
    website how to see fairys i have read
    every little bit of it i have tryed and
    tryed to see one and it whoent heppen
    can you help me please

  57. ... on 9 March 2013 16:34  
  58. kaela said...

    hi fairy what is your name and how can i see
    you i hope its not that difical can you write
    me back i realy want to see you

  59. ... on 9 March 2013 17:03  
  60. kaela said...

    why cant i see fairys they must realy
    realy realy realy realy hate me do you
    like music because i have a floot will
    that make fairys come to me im sad
    because i cant see fairys

  61. ... on 9 March 2013 17:10  
  62. Anonymous said...

    Hi I want to meet my FG......if that is ok. I love mermaids and fairies but I stand out my friend called me a nut job :( what do I do?

  63. ... on 14 March 2013 13:41  
  64. Anonymous said...

    Hi I want to meet my FG......if that is ok. I love mermaids and fairies but I stand out my friend called me a nut job :( what do I do?

  65. ... on 14 March 2013 13:47  
  66. Anonymous said...

    i really cant wait to try it myself should i be worried about doing it by myself?

  67. ... on 9 April 2013 04:34  
  68. Anonymous said...

    Hi I am a big beliver in fairys but I am sick of my human life please tell me a way to visit your world. Thx . If that is ok I mean.

  69. ... on 12 April 2013 07:27  
  70. Fairy believer 101 nikie said...

    Hi I am a big beliver in fairys but I am sick of my human life please tell me a way to visit your world. Thx . If that is ok I mean.

  71. ... on 12 April 2013 07:29  
  72. Anonymous said...

    Nikkie no offense but fairies are not real so nobody is going to awnser!!!!

  73. ... on 12 April 2013 09:04  
  74. Anonymous said...

    I felt a sensation and I ask them if they could show themselves they said no. could that mean I am not ready to see them

  75. ... on 22 April 2013 10:44  
  76. The Faeries said...

    @Amethyst Fryer -- No, sometimes it comes very easy to some people, and not easy for others. You're just one of the lucky ones.

    @Maggie Esch -- Sometimes it takes a long while for this exercise to work. The fact that you got that far with no issues is amazing! A lot of people have troubles because it's not something that comes naturally. We do NOT hate you, you simply need to take some time to relax and practice, that's all.

  77. ... on 28 April 2013 21:38